Normal Map Baking Tuts

Tutorials about Normal Map Baking. Watch them… seriously.

The Fundamentals of Perfect Baking

Author: Michael HostickaStar
Site: Youtube
Price: Free

Creating Props for Games, Vol 1. – Parts 02 to 05


Author: Nick Reynolds
Site: The Gnomon Workshop
Price: $49/Month

Completely worth to take the 3-day trial and watch this tutorial series. I highly recommend it.

Texture Baking


Author: Multiple Artists
Site: Polycount Wiki
Price: Free

This article contains good details about normal map baking, its workflow and cool tips to solve issues.

Character Materials and Rendering Workshop – Session 4: Normal Mapping


Author: Xavier Coelho-Kostolny
Site: Youtube
Price: Free

Full Character Materials and Rendering Workshop Playlist

Substance Painter Tutorial – Fundamentals 05: Baking textures

Author: Allegorithmic /  Wes McDermott
Site: Youtube
Price: Free

Game Prop Texturing Fundamentals – Introduction to Substance Painter and Baking

Author: Dan John Cox
Site: Pluralsight
Price: $29 / Month


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